Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

1927 St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus

1927 St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus
1927 St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus

1927 St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus

Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus. First class 2-5 day Service Tracking included in the price. We research the big questions that effect the most people......

We wanted to know why cancer now effects 22% of the population. The cancer growth has jumped twenty five thousand percent in our lifetime. Cancer has gone from 1 case in 5000 in the 1950's to 22 cases per hundred today in 2020. In grade school we were to.

Ld that the only thing that causes cancer is gravity. This is a premise we accept as being true.

If you don't you should try to defeat the argument. If you can defeat it we'd like to hear from you. And if we are wrong we will report it. The following is the story of the cancer explosion. Our story began in 1885 with famed inventor Hubble. Before dying Hubble wrote out the plans for building his telescope. In 1900 they started building his telescope. It was completed in 1903. They began testing the limits and found the rings of Saturn.

They released the photos in newspapers globally. It might have been the earliest scientific subscription plan. Many countries signed up to receive new photos on a yearly basis. The pictures showed growth in the rings of -1 to 3% per year through the 1950's.

This all changed in 1960. And kept growing 100% per year throughout the 1960's. And continues at this pace. Psychologists believe that things are changed by observing them. This is one explanation for the growth.

I find this interesting and haven't been able to challenge this principle. We began by finding out what happened before the telescope was built. We found that the ice and rocks that are in the rings today were fought over by the Sun's gravity and Saturn's gravity. The Sun won the majority of these contests right up to the birth of modern aviation.

In the year 1960 a bill of passenger rights was enacted. On westward flights the explanation of slower travel times are head winds keeping the plane from traveling at the same rate as eastbound flights. In fact eastbound traffic was so fast because of a tailwind. A circular argument which has lasted for decades. We theorize that the wind is non-existent and it is actually gravity from the sun. It locks on the heat from the jet engines impeding progress to the west. And pulls the aircraft when it is heading east. The suns gravity is so strong that about twenty percent of the passengers may have their dna changed. The passengers who are repeat customers may be in the high risk group. This is why Saturn's rings have grown.

And this is why cancer effects so many. The suns gravity effects mainly aircraft traveling above 25,000 feet. If air traffic flies around 14,000 feet the suns gravity will have zero effect.

The passengers will only feel the. Effects of the Earths gravity.

The only negative here is the rings of Saturn will shrink. And both the rings and cancer will return to the 1950's rate. PS: Next time What really happened to the dinosaurs.

1927 St. Gaudens Double Eagle MS 64 NGC # 130795-073 + Bonus